Grysaille Society in San Diego


Grysaille executions via “The Rift”, aka “The mysterious portal” or “Death by the unknown”, were uncommon in previous regimes, but Eerian history indicates that they still happened on and off over the last several hundred years or so since the portal was created. 

Less is known historically about what happened to those executed by The Rift. It is theorized that many died or perhaps didn’t arrive in the area that is now San Diego. The rare Grysaille that came through during that time is believed to have survived—and managed to hide their identities—mostly on their own, though at least one local legend may have been sparked by accidental sightings. 

However, in recent generations, as local Grysaille numbers grew, and they learned better how to hide, they banded together to assist the existing Grysaille community as well as those that were newly finding themselves in San Diego instead of being dead. 

Recent history

With established connections, Grysaille were able to set up new identities, bank accounts, and otherwise integrate fully with human society. To coordinate these efforts, a non-profit corporation was formed, called the Phoenix Project. The non-profit, which is focused on housing, education, and outreach for the homeless of San Diego, is run by a public board made up of notable Grysaille or humans who have been trusted with the secret.

The Phoenix Project board is a mirror to an elected board of Grysaille, who are often referred to by those in the know as The Council. The Council acts as the local Grysaille government and makes decisions for Grysaille in the same vein as both a city council and a court of justice, as well as being responsible for coordinating large events and distributing information, while the Phoenix Project is the primary vehicle for acting on those decisions. The two boards are separate, but have some overlapping members, largely due to having similar but only partially overlapping goals and responsibilities.

As Grysaille were ‘executed,’ teams are sent to the portal location to help the transition—both an on-site ‘watcher’ plus shifts in the magic when the portal opens on the other side give some warning when people cross over, so there is time for a team to arrive shortly after the recently-executed arrives. The platinum chains that bind the prisoners are used to help set them up financially. After the team helps heal any injuries obtained in or before entering the portal, the non-profit then assists with education/integration and housing. 

Grysaille outreach

Since the Phoenix Project benefits more than just Grysaille, the board has real responsibilities to their work that only peripherally involves their race; however, one specific Phoenix Project board Director acts as primary interface between the Council, the general Grysaille populace, and their organization: Valdon Ember

Valdon is a red-scaled Grysaille with black fur. He is educated as a human lawyer and acts in that capacity as one of the few paid employees for the Project. Grysaille can contact Valdon through his downtown law office if they do not already have a direct line.

Phoenix Project services

Beyond the services offered publicly, which assist both human and Grysaille, the following activities are organized, and services provided to the Grysaille community:

  1. Portal monitoring and greeting
    1. Identity creation – includes all aspects of creating an identity for a Grysaille and helping them get the resources, skills, and information needed to fulfil that identity
    2. Medical services
    3. Policing – includes monitoring of San Diego County police and news services for any activity related to Grysaille and doing whatever is needed to hide the secret while promoting compliance with local law
    4. Historical information – all of the above activity is logged in a database, which provides information about all current and past Grysaille and their interaction with the organization

If these services are needed, Grysaille can call the Phoenix Project hotline and press #0 to be brought to a Grysaille operator. Or send a contact request through this website.

Keeping the Secret

Grysaille have been sent through the portal for centuries. Even though there is currently no specific evidence that the portal from Eeria sends Grysaille anywhere but San Diego, it’s known that not all of those who are sent through the Rift end up here. Because of that, it’s theorized that at least at some point, Grysaille were deposited into Europe during the Middle Ages and may be responsible for legends of dragons, gryphons, gargoyles, and many other mythical creatures. Grysaille in San Diego today look back at this history of being feared and hunted and see good reason to keep hidden from human society. Scared humans are deadly dangerous.

The occasional human finding out is not that big of a threat. Modern skepticism prevents such people from being taken seriously. A single blog rant with a blurry photo is not enough to worry about, especially since engaging with the crazy people who shout about monsters living among us only lends them credibility. While such activity is monitored, it’s usually mostly left alone. If the occasion presents itself to discredit those people, the Council will make that happen.

A select few humans, mostly those that are part of the Phoenix Project’s hospice/medical team or those that have Grysaille loved ones, have been intentionally made aware of the Grysaille’s secret. The Council will review individuals based on their trustworthiness and motivation to keep the secret and will allow them to be “read in”.

A Grysaille who wants to expose themselves to the world is a more serious threat. Going on TV to drop the illusion and talk about being from another world is more dangerous than a lone human nutcase with a dozen twitter followers. The Council will take action to prevent such dangerous behavior. Execution is never a first resort, but in desperate cases it remains an option. As the majority of the Grysaille are here because they were “executed” once already, they mostly understand the risks and do not wish to “come out.” That sort of thing is more common among second-generation Grysaille born here who get swept up in the human ideology of living your truth.